ZARDOZ Featuring Jason McGuire “El Rubio"



Zardoz - composed by Jason McGuire

Jason McGuire - guitar and palmas

Joey Heredia - drums and percussion 

Alfredo Lopez - Bass

Alfonso Losa - Flamenco Dance


Rachel Camela - composed by Jason McGuire

Jason McGuire - Guitar and palmas

Pavane - Composed by Gabriel Faure 


Jason McGuire - Guitar, Bass, Drums and Saxophone 

Happiness is a Warm Gun - composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Leopoldo Larsen - vocals

Jason McGuire - guitar and drums

Alfredo Lopez - bass


Lamento por Alegrias - composed by Juan Gomez “Chicuelo”

Yaelisa - Vocals

Jason McGuire - guitar and palmas

Alfredo Lopez - Bass

Diego Alvarez “El Negro” - Cajon


Giant Steps Bulerias - composed by John Coltrane 

Jason McGuire - guitar, palmas and knuckles

Alfredo Lopez - Bass

Diego Alvarez “El Negro” - Cajon


All tracks Mixed and Mastered by Gonzalo Ramos

Cover Art by Todd T. Brown



This groundbreaking musical trio seamlessly blends flamenco, Latin, and jazz in music and dance with a cast of world-class artists from around the country who are rooted in a variety of musical genres. Lead by virtuoso, award-winning flamenco guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio,” these three musicians take you on a musical journey that is undeniably an experience of incredible showmanship and passion that has ignited audiences ever since their debut in 2014. With powerful musical direction fueled by Jason McGuire’s inspirational compositions, they have shown they can play both jazz clubs and concert halls while maintaining the essence and improvisational quality of both a flamenco or a jazz group. With Jason on guitar, Marlon Aldana on drumset and cajon, and Paul Martin Sounder on upright bass, the group has already been nominated for a prestigious Bay Area Izzie Award for Best Ensemble. 


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